National Foundation for Fertility Research is a nonprofit research collaborative dedicated to advancing reproductive medicine through groundbreaking research while creating hope for families who struggle with fertility issues.

Our mission

We are an organization dedicated to research. Not only do we work hard to break new ground in the field of reproductive medicine, we’re committed to sharing our findings with the rest of the reproductive community worldwide. Why do we do what we do? So couples can finally realize their dream of having children.

Our vision

Ultimately, our work gives couples hope that they can one day have a family of their own. We believe progress can’t be made until people understand that infertility is a real disease that needs dedicated funding. Our priority is to educate members of our community about the importance of research, the progress that’s been made so far and that research is the appropriate path to finding a cure.

Our values

We’re not just about research. We’re about putting our research to work. It’s imperative to not just discover new and better ways to treat those with fertility issues, but to circulate that information to the worldwide reproductive medical community. It’s about putting insightful research into practice in time to give one more couple a chance to have a child. We also help those who have successfully undergone fertility treatments understand the importance of staying involved in our cause either through donations and/or education.

About our Board

Many of our board members have been directly affected by this disease and have gone on to have children because of the kinds of research we’re doing. That’s why they’re personally involved in fundraising and educating our communities about the value of research.

Here’s a look at our members:

William Schoolcraft, MD
Board President
Medical Director of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine

Thomas Hoffman
Board Treasurer

Jack Nash
Board Secretary
Hotel Management

Carl Rossow
Board Fundraising Chair
Market Research/Political Polling

Irving Johnson

Michael Schmidt

Tara Sonenstein
First Citizens Bank



Sue, Denver

“My husband and I have a 15-month-old son, Lucas who is an active and healthy toddler who always makes us laugh. He is the light of my life. In great part, I have NFFR to thank for this blessing. The hard work and research they do in the field of fertility treatment helped bring us this amazing child.”

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